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Learning by doing

At Leap, we believe in learning by doing. Our classrooms push the boundaries of innovation, using cutting-edge technology to make our learning solutions more effective. Outside the classroom, we use blended learning methodologies to provide students a seamless experience, bringing a conducive learning environment right to them, no matter where they are. 

Our impact

Nisha's story is one of the many stories of courage and determination we hear at Leap Skills on a daily basis. Stories like these motivate us and inspire us to deliver the most effective programs and reach out to more students across the country.

Our students are recruited by the top corporations in India

We have formed invaluable relationships with a wide range of partners, allowing us to gain insight into market demands  and best prepare our students to succeed in any path they choose. 

We are growing!

From the time Leap Skills was set up in 2013, we have been growing, learning and getting better at helping students bridge the skill gap. 

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