Dear student,

You are about to take an English language test that will determine your ability level in English and tell you areas where you need to improve. In the following set of questions, some may seem easy and some may be hard. Attempt the easy questions first and then move on to the more difficult questions. You must answer every question. If you’re not sure what the correct answer is, make your best guess.

Good luck!

Reading & Use of English Section


Read the sentences about shopping for a gift and answer the questions below.

1. Anu was ______ for the perfect gift for her friend, Tanu.
2. She and Tanu ____ been friends since Class 3, so she knew Tanu well.
3. Her first idea was to ____ a book about one of Tanu’s childhood heroes.
4. However, Anu finally decided it was best ______ Tanu her own story about their friendship.
5. She then put the story in a frame and ____ a bow on top.
6. Tanu loved the gift and even ___ a selfie with it!
7. “What would you like to do for your birthday?”
8. “What kind of work experience do you have?”
9. Why did Rahul have so many questions flying through his head?heckbox 8
10. Who did Rahul go for to ask for advice?
11. What kind of advice did Rahul receive?
12. Why was Rahul nervous while talking to his uncle?
Read the following advertisements on a job portal and answer the questions that follow.